Coaching for couples and families can be an excellent way in which to maintain healthy and robust connections with those closest to us.

The relationships we have with our partners and family can be the most important ones we have and can have a significant impact on our well-being and happiness.

Coaching for Couples

Couples coaching is for partners who feel they want to be the best versions of themselves they can be and want to fully understand and appreciate the relationship they have. It is not just for couples in crisis and it does not mean your relationship is in trouble.

What Can Couples Coaching do for You?

Coaching for partners can help in lots of ways:

  • Guiding you through conflict; helping you to understand and communicate with each other, to reach a resolution.
  • Clarification; support to gain a deeper understanding of what drives you both, how aligned you are and why conflict may sometimes occur.
  • Tools to build active listening, excellent communication, empathy and resilience into your relationship to make it even stronger.
  • A place to explore issues that are presenting in your partnership, guidance to work through them or support to facilitate a healthy transition out of the relationship.


Coaching for Families

Families Coaching is designed to ensure that each family member is heard and has their own equal space within the family.

There is often a high level of conflict within families, epecially when there are teenagers in the house hold, there has been a breakdown of a relationship or there is a transition of some kind occurring. Coaching can help with this, although not all families that receive coaching are in conflict.

What Can Coaching do for Your Family?

  • Provide independent mediation during a conflict
  • Create a safe space for open dialogue as well as facilitate potentially difficult conversations
  • Provide tools to improve communication between family members
  • Reframe situations and support family members to understand and accept difficult situations
  • Support family members to understand a differing view point and provide guidance as to how to live harmoniously.
  • Empower individuals to set and hold positive boundaries and promote healthier relationships.
  • Provide support through relationship breakdowns and challenging behaviours.

How Does it Work?

Where: Via Skype or face to face in a location you feel most comfortable

When: Sessions are available throughout the week, some evenings and weekends.

How: The intial session will be a diagnostic consultation to determine the right approach for you. Ongoing sessions are usually a minumum of a 1 hour session, weekly or a 2 hour session, fortnightly.

Payment: Sessions are £30 per hour and payment is due immediately following the session, although it can be paid in advance.

Cancellations: Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the booked time or they will be charged for.

Confidentiality: All sessions are 100% confidential, unless there is a need to break this. Further information can be found under policies – confidentiality guidance.

For further information please get in touch via the contacts page.