Confidentiality Guidance

August 2018

This policy applies to all staff, including senior managers, paid staff, volunteers and sessionaI workers, agency staff, students or anyone working on behalf of The Fox Project.

The Fox Project operates an ethos of safe communication and places great importance of safe spaces and confidentiality for the clients it supports.

The purpose of this guidance:

  1. To protect staff, clients and beneficiaries in receipt The Fox Project’s services.
  2. To provide staff and volunteers with the overarching principles that inform this guidance;

The Fox Project recognises the necessity and importance of creating safe, confidential spaces for clients and/or their beneficiaries to disclose potentially sensitive information without fear of reprisal or consequence.

This guidance should be read in conjunction with:

  • Data Protection Guidance
  • Engagement Protocol

We recognise that:

  1. Confidentiality is principle that underpins everything we do.
  2. Everyone has the right to speak freely and feel confident that the information will not be shared.
  3. Any breach in confidentiality should be carefully considered and sensitively managed.
  4. Trust is a fundamental value in the work we do, and this can only be obtained by adhering to strict codes of confidentiality and safe communication.
  5. Sometimes there can be pressure to divulge information pertaining to working practices or professional dissatisfaction but it is imperative confidentiality is upheld at all times and any disclosures happen with explicit consent.

We will seek to maintain trust and confidentiality of our clients by:

  1. Valuing them, listening to and respecting them.
  2. Implementing a clear engagement protocol to ensure clients and staff operate in a uniformed way regarding confidentiality.
  3. Confidentiality is a staple conversation topic in each working day.
  4. Any breaches in confidentiality are properly thought out and sensitively handled, with person to whom it relates being as involved as possible in the process.
  1. All breaches in confidentiality are recorded and reported as appropriate.
  2. Creating and maintaining an environment in which confidentiality is respected and expected.

We are committed to reviewing our policy and good practice annually.

This policy was last reviewed on: 25th August 2018