Personal Development is a core part of our happiness; learning and growing into the best version of ourselves is the key to contentment, self-worth and fulfilment. We work on our personal development all the time. In the books we read, the choices we make and the people we choose to interact with.

Sometimes, though we feel like we are stuck and are unable to move forward in our lives. That can be frustrating. And scary.

How Can Personal Development Coaching Help?

Coaching can help in lots of different ways:

  • Empowering you to face the big challenges in your life. 
  • Setting and meeting ambitious goals.
  • Equipping you with a life-long toolkit for motivation, commitment and resilience.
  • Working with you to grow self-esteem, overcome limiting beliefs and self-acceptance.
  • Support you with issues you may be  facing at home or at work
  • Work with you on managing anxiety, assertiveness and setting personal boundaries.
  • Re-framing negative thinking patterns.
  • Support to transition out of unhealthy relationships.

How Does it Work?

Where: Via Skype or face to face in a location you feel most comfortable

When: Sessions are available throughout the week, some evenings and weekends.

How: The intial session will be a diagnostic consultation to determine the right approach for you. Ongoing sessions are usually a minumum of a 1 hour session, weekly or a 2 hour session, fortnightly.

Payment: Sessions are £30 per hour and payment is due immediately following the session, although it can be paid in advance.

Cancellations: Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the booked time or they will be charged for.

Confidentiality: All sessions are 100% confidential, unless there is a need to break this. Further information can be found under policies – confidentiality guidance.

For further information please get in touch via the contacts page.