The Fox Project has been developing over many years and is now ready to make an appearance in the world and work to make it a happier one for as many people as possible.


How it Started

In 2009, I attended an intensive training program for a community project I volunteered on. It completely changed my life: the way I thought about things; the way I approached situations in my life; how I interacted with other people and the direction I wanted my life to take.

It also frustrated me. Because I was still working within businesses and in offices with people who were unhappy, because they felt they were not being valued by senior management or they had an issue they were too afraid to address. I was listening to my co workers express dissatisfication, low morale and frustration at a system that I knew I could make better.

At the same time I was listening to family, friends, even strangers talk about how they were unhappy with the way they looked, or exasperated by their teenager, or didn’t know how to unstick themselves from a rut they may have been suffering for years. And I knew I could help to make things better.


There was a Theme…

I realised that the underlying principles of the issues I saw at work with my colleagues and at home with my friends were the same: a human approach to understanding the issues and the ability to reframe the situation in order for the person to focus on the possibility of positive change, as opposed to the resignation of negative sameness.

I also realised that the idea of ‘business’ and ‘community’ as two separate entities was rubbish. The same person who is facing a crisis at home is the same one who walks into the local shop is the same one who sits down at her desk at a local business.

They all impact on each other. And they all support each other.

And so I am creating a model of perpetual positive change by offering coaching to individuals as well as employees and management in business. Bringing warm, human understanding to everyone, regardless of their situation or job title.

This is my mission. This is my project.