The Fox Project’s mission is to make the ‘work’ and ‘life’ in ‘work/life balance’ the best it can be for everyone by working with employees, individuals and business leaders on both aspects. Bringing innovative, brave and genuine change through coaching, training and consultancy to bridge the gap between home and work.


The Fox Project believes that everyone has the right to be the best they can be, wherever they are, and that the different aspects of our lives impact on all of the rest.

My vision is to see happy, fulfilled people with good mental health creating stable, strong communities. Through businesses feeling able to grow open, safe and supportive cultures, embedding kindness into their values and advocating a ‘human’ approach to their models; making brave, innovative decisions to create a new way of working.

Through extending support into the family home; working with individuals, couples and families to deliver a whole person approach to happiness, fulfilment and mental good health.

The Fox Project’s vision is that our personal lives and working lives are the best they can be and have a perpetual positive impact on the other; strengthening the bridge between home, work and the community.

I am always genuine and do not hide away my own hang ups and imperfections.
I believe that breakthroughs can be found on the other side of difficult conversations and I am prepared to have them in an open, positive way.
Honouring My Word
I always act with integrity. I do what I say I am going to do and I stop when I am done. I am not driven by money, I am driven by a desire to share a skill that can help people.

Humour and Rapport
I place value on the power of humour to build relationships, diffuse tension and create safe spaces. I work hard to build and sustain rapport with those around us. I am not above some self deprecating mickey taking!

Being Human
I recognise that we are all human, from CEO’s of major corporations to those seeking employment and everyone in between. And that we all have human fears , dreams and insecurities, no matter who we are. I encourage everyone to be themselves, celebrate their uniqueness and create safe spaces for their vulnerabilities.

I believe that happy, positive cultures can come out of simple, person-centred approaches to work and home. It does not need to be complicated, it just needs to be human.

What I am driven by. I believe that kindness has been overtaken by policies, procedures, time and money restraints and ever growing pressures within our homes and places of work. I believe it is possible to be led by kindness and change the paradigm in which we operate..